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The Site Keeps Logging Me Out After I'm Logged In
Last Updated 6 years ago

If the site is kicking you out, please read through the possible reasons and solutions below.
99% of the time one of these will fix your login problem.

Possible Reasons & Solutions

Reason: You are using downloading software.

Solution: Our system DOES support bulk downloaders, but please use them considerately & responsibly. There's plenty of time during your membership, to download anything you would like. If bulk downloaders are abused, they are subject to being blocked.

Reason: Your IP address is changing and our system thinks your password has been compromised.

Solution 1: This is a problem with your internet provider. Contact them and ask them for a "static IP address."

Solution 2: The best solution is to get a VPN account with a company like one of these services,
They will give you a unique IP address and you can surf the net with better privacy. They are very cheap, usually around $5 a month. Worth every penny.

Reason: Sometimes Gremlins get in our system and we need to manually help you.

Solution: Open a New Ticket with your username. We'll work diligently to find the problem.

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